Writing a unique in a very month: ten tips for plotters and pantsers

Streamlining your writing method is helpfulwhether or not you’re gears up for a novel-writing challenge likeNaNoWriMo, or just have a private point. Here area unit ten tips for writing a unique in a very month:

1. build preparations, albeit you’re a pantser

Aspiring authors typically describe themselves as either ‘plotters’ or ‘pantsers’. Pantsing (writing ‘by the seat of your pants’) while not an overview has professionals and cons. On the one hand, you have got the liberty to follow your story down any stunning avenue while not a rigid define limiting choices.

On the opposite hand, the advantage of plotting is that you simply have a guide to assist you if you bog downyou'll be able to build it as rigid or as versatile as you prefer, and keep it sort of a map in your back pocket, one that shows you thru the densest thickets of your story.

Types of preparation you'll be able to build if you’re a pantser:

Character profiles and interviews: Brainstorm details concerning your characters. Interview them like they were public figures or celebrities. What unforgettable anecdotes do they have? What were the foremost formative experiences in their lives?
A good writing schedule: the sole thanks to finishing writing a unique in a very month is to own a daily writing regime. Divide the word count you would like by the times accessible. NaNoWriMo recommends participants aim for fifty, 000 words in a very month. in a very 30-day month like Gregorian calendar month, that’s roughly 1667 words per day. Block out, in a very a calendar, after you can realize this point.
outline of your central idea: albeit you don’t have an entire define, a outline of the central plan generating your novel can assist you to stay in mind the foremost necessary details of your plot. [Use the prompts in currentlyNovel’s plan Finder to brainstorm your own central plan now]
A list of characters and therefore the relationships between them: As a pantser, you would possibly solely discover a number of your characters on the manner, as you're taking your beginning solid into new territories and thingshowever list the characters you recognize you wish to put in writing concerning already
The NaNoWriMo rules stress that you simply cannot use any antecedently piece of writing towards your NaNoWriMo target word count (NaNoWriMo’s suggested fifty, 000 words). you're allowed some preparation and outlining, however, thus here area unit some a lot of tips:

2. Write a general synopsis: understand wherever your novel is headed

The problem of not outlining is that it’s straightforward to figure yourself into a corner, plot-wise. If you’ll be writing a unique in a very month, you’ll got to have a transparent idea of the overall arc and purpose of your story from the start.

To start getting ready, write a outline of your story plan in 2 to a few lines. embody the concepts you have got up to now for major objectives for your central character(s) and any primary conflicts. It doesn’t need to be excellent.

For example, for Fitzgerald’s the nice Gatsby, we tend to might write a outline that reads one thing like this:

‘In Long Islandthe big apple within the Nineteen Twenties, war veteran Nick Carraway rents the house not far awayto a mysterious rich person, Jay Gatsby. Carraway enters Gatsby’s social circle, eventually learning disgraceful secrets that culminate in tragedy.’

3. Summarize concepts for every scene’s purpose after you write

Writing 1667 words or a lot of per day is AN formidable target. you would like to use as of writing time fruitfully.

Avoid having to get back plenty to form scenes a lot of purposeful and link them to your story’s main themes later. Instead, strive summarizing every scene’s purpose before you begin writing it.

This will facilitate as a result of rather than simply launching in blindly, you’ll produce direction before every writing session. On a blank page, write a header ‘Scene Summary’. beneath it, note what you propose to happen within thereturning scene. For example:

‘Party arrives at the traditional forest and should tolerate to continue their quest, however they discover AN eerie, grim truth at its heart. Death of [Character X], however party can’t stop to grieve as they have to reach [Location Y] at intervals consequent 2 days.’

This will guarantee your story features a sense of continuity which every scene drives towards a very important goal that furthers the overarching story arc.

Although pantsing means that not having an in depth plot define, avoid staggering in black. Shine a torch slightlybefore you as you go exploitation scene summaries. this may assist you realize your thanks to the fifty,000 word mark.

This approach is additionally helpful if you are doing have a a lot of intensive chapter define, and you'll be able torefer back to your define as you attend make certain you keep in mind broader continuity, and not solely internal scene consistency.

4. Divide your book into structured components

A pitfall of writing a unique at intervals a month is that you simply probably won’t have abundant time for structuring or re-structuring the narrative. You could, for instancefind yourself with a fifteen,000 -word starting and middle, leaving 35,000 words for the closing chapters of your book. this might leave your story feeling end-heavy.

During the preparative partthink about target word counts for every a part of your book. If you intend on exploitation 3 act structure, then you’ll write roughly seventeen, 000 words every for the beginning, middle and finishof your novel.

Keep a tally of your total word count. As you write, note of wherever you're in regard to your seventeen,000, 34,000 and fifty to fifty one,000 word count targets. this fashion you’ll understand after you got to bring a lot ofcomplications into the narrative arc or amplify the buildup to your story’s resolution.

Infographic - NaNoWriMo - writing a unique in a very month | currently Novel

5. Do preparative journal-writing

If you're getting ready to put in writing a book in a very month, in spare moments write in a very journal concerningyour story plan, the themes that interest you, and any concepts for crucial scenes. Note things such as:

Why you wish to inform this story specially
What you think that the toughest a part of writing fifty,000 words in a very month are (staying motivated? makingstory structure?)
Ideas for a way you'll overcome these challenges
Any places or subjects you would like to analysis usually for the book
Keeping a journal could be a nice writing habit to make generally, since you’ll have a centralized supply for snatches of concepts and inspirations you'll be able to read whenever you're feeling stuck.

6. set up however you'll keep motivated and targeted

Motivation and focus area unit 2 crucial parts of writing a unique. There area unit varied methods you'll be able toattempt to keep yourself unemployed up to put in writing. For example:

Create target-specific rewards: for instancefor each a thousand words take a quick walk somewhere scenic or quiet, or do one thing you relish that isn’t too long for quarter-hour (do yoga, watch a stand-up comedy clip – somethingthat may offer the problem-solving portion of your mind a rest)
Partner up with an editorial brother or writing coach: External motivation and responsibleness area unit effective. realize somebody United Nations agency can encourage you and gently cue you of your shared objective.
Chunk writing sessions more: 1667 words in a very single sitting may appear intimidatinghowever if you discover a couple of ten-minute sessions per day you'll be able to divide your word count into smaller, manageable units.
Make a listing of milestones you'll be able to tick off: making a visible reminder of however way you’ve come backas you go can fortify the psychological sense of reward as you make your goal
7. Decide what sort of define you’ll use if outlining

If you don’t shall ‘pants’ your manner through your book however can define instead, decide what sort of define you’ll use. choices include:

Chapter by chapter summaries: Write simply a paragraph or maybe a couple of sentences for every. Limit detail to essential options of character, location and event
Single-page synopses: A one-page outline of the full story is often one thing you’ll write at the tip of finishing your 1st 3 chapters a minimum ofhowever trying one at the beginning could be a helpful exercise for seeing thatcomponents of the story area unit clear in your mind already and which can would like a lot of work
Three-act structure: Dividing your story into 3 acts sort of a play will assist you balance your starting, middle and finish in order that one doesn't drag on
Read this post on outlining for additional conceptshowever keep in mind to stay the outlining part transient and take shortcuts – you’ll need to pay the majority of your month on the draft itself.

8. Maximize your writing productivity

Whether you’re collaborating in National Novel Writing Month or speeding to satisfy a contest point, take steps to make sure you keep productive. we regularly assume we’re ‘quickly checking social media’ however tiny time-sinks within the day add up. to form positive you retain writing, think about measures such as:

Setting a timer for your writing sessions: Don’t arise till your session is up
Work out your most efficient writing times: does one get the foremost done once your unit continues to be asleep, for example? think about tiny modus vivendi changes (such as arousal [*fr1] AN hour earlier) if they’ll assist youmeet your goals. build an inventory of those changes and paste it somewhere outstanding to cue yourself to stay to your regime
There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to turning into a productive authorhowever these further suggestions mightkickstart your writing method.

9. Limit distractions

We often assume ‘I’ll simply quickly check social media’ or discount different tiny tasks as momentary and speedy. however the minutes you pay on social media or on different non-essential tasks throughout the day do add up. Here area unit concepts for methods to limit distractions once you’re writing a unique in a very month:

Install social media block apps in your net browser: you'll be able to get browser extensions that enforce you to limit it slow browsing through standing updates and albums
Find an area with minimum interruptions: That family WhatsApp or IM cluster perpetually distracting you with cute videos? It will in all probability wait. Take AN hour to put in writing in a very quiet a part of your native librarytogether with your phone changed.
Don’t permit shiny, new concepts to tempt you: a number of America area unit sensible at beginning and not as sensible at following through. New concepts area unit the procrastinating perfectionist’s supporterhowever resolve to specialise in this one plan solely, for now
10. permit yourself to be ‘bad’

If you’re writing underneath time constraints, there's an honest likelihood your work won’t be excellent. If you’re doing NaNoWriMo for you, or coming into your 1st manuscript business enterprise competition, settle for a hurried 1st (or final) draft might have some major flaws. Treat this as a step towards your next rewrite (or even your next novel, your ‘debut proper’). material possession go of expectations can free you to specialise in the foremost crucial tasks: Exploring, creating, and obtaining the writing done.

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