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Gold price in Syria on Thursday 10/10/2019 in goldsmiths shops Syrian moment by moment “renewed”

The price of gold in Syria, we follow up with you constantly and up-to-date, and this is because gold is one of the most important minerals locally and globally, and its price changes with local and global changes as well, and the Syrian people of the peoples who sell gold in goldsmiths and gold shops, and accept many and many women in Syria Buy it, and we will provide you with the latest and 24-hour latest news of gold prices in Syria in detail, please follow up with us gold prices in Syrian pounds.
Gold Price in Syria
There are many types of gold, and each of these types has its value and its price, so you should make sure that you know the prices of all types, and therefore you can choose the right for your possibilities and the financial situation that you are, and it is worth mentioning that we recommend you in case you want to make a saving Money can buy an ounce of gold or gold bullion.It is known that investing in gold over the years is not likely to lose, but you can save your money and earn from behind gold, so you can keep track of the gold market all the time, and identify the highest price, and whenever you want to sell And it felt like it was good for you, so you could sell E in the course.
Gold price table in Syria today
Here's our visitors a table explaining the price of gold today in Syria against the Syrian pound and we will update it throughout the day:
Unit in grams
Gold Price in Lebanese Pound
American dollar
Gold prices 24 carat
73,218 liras
$ 48.43
The price of gold carat 22
67,117 liras
$ 44.40
Gold Price Carat 21
LBP 64,067
$ 42.38
Gold prices 18 carat
LBP 54,914
$ 36.32
Gold Price 14 Carat
42,711 liras
$ 28.25
The price of gold carat 12
LBP 36,609
$ 24.22
Gold Ounces Prices
2,277,074 LBP
$ 1,506
Gold Pound Rates
512,537 liras
$ 339.02
Gold Prices Today
73,217,825 liras
$ 48,431

The prices may change after you see this table.

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