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Now the random immigration of America 2020-2021

Random immigration to America 2020 We present to you today everything related to it, because we have found a large number of young people want to know the date of registration in the American Lutheran as well as many of them do not know what the conditions for applying in the random immigration to America 2020 and we will provide you Ways to get Green Card in full detail.
The indiscriminate migration of America 2020 continues to be open until 2021 from October 2 and lasts for a month until November 5.
Introducing the Lottery 2021
The introduction of random immigration to America 2020-2021 began on October 2, 2019 and registration lasts for a month until November 5, 2019, during which time registration is done via the Lottery website.
Random immigration to America 2020-2021
Getting the green card is not difficult, but is done through the Internet, so that the selection is randomly through the Internet as well, especially through the official Lottery website of the US Department of State, the Department has announced that registration is free of charge, and is free of charge with the required data Only applications have already been opened since October 3, 2019, and the application for the Random Immigration Opportunity for America 2020 will be completed on November 9, 2019.
How to submit the Lutheran 2021 program

Terms of submission in the Luttery electronically
Applicants must be over 17 years old.
Must have a certificate of exemption from military service or postponement certificate.
Must have at least a high school diploma or diploma of all kinds and therefore are allowed to hold higher qualifications as well.
As for the required documents, the first is the valid passport, in addition to the need to provide a recent photograph with certain specifications, and its people should not be less than 300 megapixels, and be with a white background, and then you will enter the site and record your data as mentioned in your passport, Wait for the result of the American Lute.
Link to the site of providing immigration to America random 2020
Through our site Layali News provide you with a direct link to obtain the Green Card, which is also the site of immigration to America 2020-2021, a lottery site Lottery, which was opened the old Beba period from the third day of October until November 9, 2019.
The result of random immigration to America 2020-2021
We follow with you the date of the emergence of immigration to America, which is usual every year to appear in the month of May, as it will show the result of the random immigration to America 2021 in the month of May 2020 and in case of any problem in the application please contact us to solve the problem, which we will follow up with you with our best wishes for success Applicants and access to Green Card.

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